Monday, February 13, 2006

Snowy Days and Mondays

So, you may have heard, there was a snowstorm on the east coast. Well, that lovely snow (and it was lovely) left me without any power. Sounds like a good time to knit, right? Wrong. Without power means without I am not a proficient enough knitter to knit on size ones with gloves on. Olympic time ticking by, my yarn, staring at me impatiently. AAARRRGGGHHH..... Finally last night at about midnight....ah, power. Light, heat, blessed heat. But, I'm down nearly 24 hours. This, for a girl that really wished this was a sport of handicaps because I suspect mine would have been about 6 days... bygones. I am back on plan, well sort of on plan. Did I mention I've totally changed my pattern. Ok, I know apparently everyone loves Nancy Bush. I'm sure she's a marvelous woman and no doubt an expert knitter, but I'm not at all loving the vintage sock patterns as written. I'll go on about my changes when we have completed this task. I'll try and post a picture of my progress tomorrow. Email me an image of your project progress and I'll post it! Ok, back to knitting.


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