Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Olympic Balls

This is Olympic yarn. It may not look special, oh, but it is indeed. This is the yarn that will see this Knitlete to her first Gold Medal! It is balled and ready to be be worked. Ready to be cast, knitted, purled, frogged and ultimately WORN on my Gold Medal winning feet. Could yarn have aspired to a greater dream, I think not.

The yarn in question is Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn. Doesn't that sound lush? It feels lush too. It is a product of Brown Sheep Company, I was surprised and pleased to discover that piece of information. The colorway is Tom Cat. I've noticed in the picture that it has a slightly warm/orangy glow...yea, that's only in the picture. The actual color is a dark charcoal with slightly mauvy flecks. It's quite pretty.

So are you ready? Tomorrow is the day for the lighting of the olympic flame. The lifting of knitting needles around the world. I imagine if you listen closely you will hear the clacking of needles, the whooshing of yarn, the cursing of froggers (ok, all athletes have stuggles)...and ultimately the gigantic sigh of relief and tears of joy for a job well done. A goal set and met.
Good luck to all knitletes.

May the yarn kiss the needles,
May the pattern be always true,
May the rows accumulate like blessings,
May inspiration be your guide,
and until we meet again...
May the patience of family be upon you.


Anonymous Deb said...

How poetic!!! GAME ON!!!!!

5:53 PM  

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