Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Pink, It Must Be for Mom

KnittingCushion Posted by Picasa
This is the adorable little knitting project that I alluded to in yesterdays blog. It has been presented to Mom for a ....just cause I can knit We saw these in a catalog, but the pattern was $7 and I figured I could find it on the internet and I did and with a little tweeking, tah-dah. I'm so proud. I know, I should be humble, it's only a little cushion for holding wandering sock needles, scissors, a dropped stitch crochet hook & a chibi, but I can't help it, I'm sucking the air in the outer atmosphere I'm so high on I'm now making myself one, I can't wait and I'll be posting a picture of mine too, like I'm the freakin' DaVinci of the knitting world and you all are waiting for my next masterpiece. Don't burst my bubble, please. I then have to quickly finish at least one Man Sock before I begin my Olympic knitting.

The book I used as a background for the knittingcushion picture is the Nancy Bush book I have mentioned that houses both the pattern for Man sock and the Childs sock that is actually a ladies size that I'm knitting for the Olympics. Whew, a whirlwind of knitting.


Blogger Save Emma said...

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Anonymous Deb said...

You, know you're favorite auntie would love to have one...I'd prefer mine in Navy and pumpkin spice, please!! :) After all, I use the 2 dish clothes you made 2 Christmas' ago like kitchen doilies on my baker's made them, I surely can't wash dirty dishes with them!!!!!

10:33 PM  

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