Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Bad

There seems to have been a misunderstanding. When I said I was knitting fancy patterned socks for the Olympics, some people seemed to think that that meant 2 socks...wha??? I have been knitting for a week, I've just finished my decreases in the foot, now I knit until I'm ready to toe. I'll be knitting 1 sock and if I finish I'll be proud and consider myself a winner. I have changed the pattern, dealt with splitting yarn, and made 98gazillion stitches so far. I won't even address now that I fear that this sock is going to be too small around for my foot. Tomorrow, a pic of the progress, I promise.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Snowy Days and Mondays

So, you may have heard, there was a snowstorm on the east coast. Well, that lovely snow (and it was lovely) left me without any power. Sounds like a good time to knit, right? Wrong. Without power means without I am not a proficient enough knitter to knit on size ones with gloves on. Olympic time ticking by, my yarn, staring at me impatiently. AAARRRGGGHHH..... Finally last night at about midnight....ah, power. Light, heat, blessed heat. But, I'm down nearly 24 hours. This, for a girl that really wished this was a sport of handicaps because I suspect mine would have been about 6 days... bygones. I am back on plan, well sort of on plan. Did I mention I've totally changed my pattern. Ok, I know apparently everyone loves Nancy Bush. I'm sure she's a marvelous woman and no doubt an expert knitter, but I'm not at all loving the vintage sock patterns as written. I'll go on about my changes when we have completed this task. I'll try and post a picture of my progress tomorrow. Email me an image of your project progress and I'll post it! Ok, back to knitting.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Olympic Balls

This is Olympic yarn. It may not look special, oh, but it is indeed. This is the yarn that will see this Knitlete to her first Gold Medal! It is balled and ready to be be worked. Ready to be cast, knitted, purled, frogged and ultimately WORN on my Gold Medal winning feet. Could yarn have aspired to a greater dream, I think not.

The yarn in question is Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn. Doesn't that sound lush? It feels lush too. It is a product of Brown Sheep Company, I was surprised and pleased to discover that piece of information. The colorway is Tom Cat. I've noticed in the picture that it has a slightly warm/orangy glow...yea, that's only in the picture. The actual color is a dark charcoal with slightly mauvy flecks. It's quite pretty.

So are you ready? Tomorrow is the day for the lighting of the olympic flame. The lifting of knitting needles around the world. I imagine if you listen closely you will hear the clacking of needles, the whooshing of yarn, the cursing of froggers (ok, all athletes have stuggles)...and ultimately the gigantic sigh of relief and tears of joy for a job well done. A goal set and met.
Good luck to all knitletes.

May the yarn kiss the needles,
May the pattern be always true,
May the rows accumulate like blessings,
May inspiration be your guide,
and until we meet again...
May the patience of family be upon you.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Man Sock Grows

Man Sock,while growing, has not been completed by the Olympics. I am disappointed. These are my top 5 excuses.

1. Man Sock is big. He's taking a long time and a lot of yarn.

2. Man Sock is a boring gray. Blah. No self-patterning, how will it turn out excitement.

3. Man Sock is not for me. Need I say more.

4. Man Sock was cast aside like a half-eaten snickers for the making of two KnitCushions.
One of which was, ahem....for ME.

I will knit my arse off all Thursday in a lame attempt to complete Man Sock. I have promised myself I will feel no shame if I don't get it done, wish me luck with that....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Know Just Where to Put It

No this is not a rerun. This is another knittingcushion, or as I like to call it KnitCushionDeux.

This one is for me...yippee. A nice soft yellow, pink, chibi blue, and coral. Yum. It ended up with a kind of South West feel in person. I like it. I think it's very handy and I love a valid reason to leave my sticks on the end table. Everyone should have one. Organized knitting makes me warm.

It has been said that I love organization, a place for everything and everything in its place...this is for your own protection. Frankly, I can't believe I've become this person. As a teenager my room was a science experiment. When I moved out at 18 my parents discovered a 7 year old carpet that looked like new because it had never seen sunlight. I thought my mother was a relentless harpie for riding me about my messes. I can not believe that....god help me....I now make her look like a rank amateur and my daughter has made my messes look like Martha Stewart was in charge. Holy Moly. We have reached an understanding...she promises to shut the door, I promise not to open it. I have visions of the monkey house at the National Zoo.... But I digress, soon she'll be married and I'll be missing that mess...yea, like hell I will. Her room, in an act of complete justice, will become my craft and organization room. Shelves, filled with organizational tools, rubbermaid tubs, all labeled with their ingredients. Oh the joy... and an open door policy.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Pink, It Must Be for Mom

KnittingCushion Posted by Picasa
This is the adorable little knitting project that I alluded to in yesterdays blog. It has been presented to Mom for a ....just cause I can knit We saw these in a catalog, but the pattern was $7 and I figured I could find it on the internet and I did and with a little tweeking, tah-dah. I'm so proud. I know, I should be humble, it's only a little cushion for holding wandering sock needles, scissors, a dropped stitch crochet hook & a chibi, but I can't help it, I'm sucking the air in the outer atmosphere I'm so high on I'm now making myself one, I can't wait and I'll be posting a picture of mine too, like I'm the freakin' DaVinci of the knitting world and you all are waiting for my next masterpiece. Don't burst my bubble, please. I then have to quickly finish at least one Man Sock before I begin my Olympic knitting.

The book I used as a background for the knittingcushion picture is the Nancy Bush book I have mentioned that houses both the pattern for Man sock and the Childs sock that is actually a ladies size that I'm knitting for the Olympics. Whew, a whirlwind of knitting.