Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SuperBowl....because I can...

Sports Fans. Have you noticed that on most tv commercials, or on QVC or anywhere they are trying to sell you football party stuff that they are now referring to the Superbowl as 'The Big Game'...? What happened to the Superbowl. Has it become a trademarked word that you have to pay to use? It is the Superbowl...verb...not noun! Seriously, that's like Trump getting his panties in a wad if I want to say "You're Fired" when I fire someone. Some things should not be allowed to be 'forbidden' words. I would think Giant trying to sell me hot dogs for the Superbowl would be free advertising reminding me this is Superbowl weekend. How self important have they become????

I think I'll open a store, call it IS and trademark it...go ahead try and put a meaningful paragraph together without IS...can't use it, I'll own it, hah, I'll be rich. Imagine how much Bill Clinton alone would have owed me...

Ok, that was an odd little rant. I was hoping to distract you from the distinctly missing Man Sock. It's not done, I actually put it aside, I just finised a little present. I can't post it because I haven't given it yet, I'll show you tomorrow, I'm quite proud.... Prepare to be jealous...lol


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