Thursday, January 26, 2006

Man Sock...

Ok, so as promised You can see the progress of Man Sock. Its actual name, Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock with Dutch heel. It is from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. The yarn is Bernat Sox in Hot Steel colorway. It's a much chunkier wool than I am used to working with, but it's making a hearty man sock. So here's the thing. Look at the picture closely if you will (you can click on it to make it bigger). As you can see I'm working the heel flap. Directly in the center of the heel flap it's having me create a seam. I'm not wonderfully comfortable with the whole...lets make a line of ugg to walk on in the middle of my foot...but, alas these are for hubby and I doubt he'll notice. That said, this is a new pattern for me and I wondered if others made socks with seams.

There are many wonderful patterns in the Nancy Bush book. At first I was unimpressed. I couldn't work out what I would do with so many men's and children's patterns, lets be frank, I knit for ME primarily... The book only listed 3 or 4 womens patterns. Don't let this fool you, if you pay more attention than I do, which is not terribly difficult, you will see that most of the childrens sock patterns have be re-written into lovely womens sizes.... Yeah! I am going to make the Little Child's Sock on page 97 for the Harlot's knitting Olympics. Go Team USA! They look quite challenging and the thoughts of making an entire pair of challenging socks in 2 weeks is enough to make me swoon, but for love of God, Country, Family, Corps...I will proudly take up the banner. Will you? If so, forward me pictures of progress, or end products and I will gladly post your items.

Tomorrow, pictures of my lovely daughter at her Bridal Shower!
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