Monday, January 23, 2006


I have no excuse. I actually could try, I could say, my daughter is getting married in a month and we've been relentlessly busy, I could say, I've been knitting (which would basically be a lie of tremendous proportions). I could say, Christmas, how busy were we.... I could use smoke and mirrors but none of it would hide the fact that I've just be... lazy. Not so much lazy as....ok, lazy. I have not made blogging a priority...and I should...I really enjoy writing. Even if no one is reading this but me, it does allow me to amuse myself. So I'm back and have committed to blogging at least twice a week...of course I only promised myself and well, we won't get into how much I totally don't trust me.

So, like I was never gone I can say, I'm knitting a sock. A boring gray sock for my honey bunny. I'll post next time a picture and source. To engage myself beyond the basic sock I have signed up to be an Olympic knitter with the Yarnharlot. Please see her site for the rules. I'm going to make some kind of patterned sock. I have the yarn, so I need only find a challenging pattern. More to follow...

Ok, so let me leave you with a joke:
What did snail say when he rode the turtle..........Wheeeeeeeeeee.....
I love that....


Anonymous Debbie said...

I'm reading your postings. Geesh, you've always needed such positive reenforcement!!! :) I've missed you not posting. I wanted to see how the stress of planning a wedding mixed with the stress of knitting Christmas gifts effected your love for the yarn!
Not to mention, HELLO, it's almost Feb and the temps are in the 50's...did we move to Florida and someone forgot to tell me.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous sarasnana said...

I'm glad to see you're're postings always give me a giggle.

6:20 AM  

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