Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Project Squared = ???

These 3 darling little nuggets will soon (soon being subjective) be beautiful lacey scarves. You can almost palm one, and each is 440 yards... These are also the yarns that survived the 'ball winding' adventure previously mentioned. I've decided I can handle more than one project at a time...as long as one is a sock. We'll see, I may seriously be over stating my abilities here. If I take forever to make just one sock, what kind of algebra does it take to figure out how long it takes me to make a scarf and sock at the same time.

So, out in bloggerville I have found the most amusing freaking hilarious website. YouKnitWhat is a site that shows some of the most hideous knitting designs out there. It is dedicated to fun, but if you feel the need to come to bad designers defense, or have tender sensibilites, this is not the site for you. I, however, love it...


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