Friday, September 09, 2005

I May Be Slow But...OK, There's No But

There are millions of blogs. Even thousands of blogs on knitting. It seems everyone wants to knit and has something to say about it. Knitting and sharing seem to go hand in hand! From these fellow knitting bloggers I have learned something very obvious. People who knit and blog...knit a lot. I don't mean look at my sock, it's growing, it's growing...days, weeks..ok, it's been a month. I mean today socks, tomorrow a shawl, hey look I completed an Aran this weekend...what the hell. I know I knit slow. I know I don't dedicate my life to knitting, but I will argue that even if I doubled both my speed and time of devotion to the craft...I couldn't save the eskimo's from sure frozen death, as many of these other knitters could.

I look through magazines both online (see the new knitty link at left, their fall patterns are out) and at the book store and I want to make soooo much. I want to make myself shawls and ponchos and wrist warmers and sweaters. I have printed out gazillions of patterns. I love the yarn, I buy the yarn, I have such wonderful intentions...and apparently I'm only paving my road to hell, because my intentions aren't making sweaters. I feel slightly defeated, oh, I'll go on making my socks, but I feel like a knit world cast off. (No pun intended...) I can't participate in knit alongs... I can't continue to post pictures of updated projects on my blog... I am on the knitting short the slow lane...and as the others fly by in the Porsches, they are mooning me with their fabulous pictures...whatever...

I have to go knit...


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