Thursday, September 15, 2005

For Sale, Laceweight, Like New!

Lace scarves are for dorks. Ok, maybe that's not nice, but have YOU tried to make one. Well, fine, maybe you have, and maybe you had more luck than me, well you know what kiss my good for you. I on the other hand have a 3 ball collection of lace weight baby alpaca that will likely remain 3 balls of baby alpaca...a waste admittedly, but one must cut one's losses and move forward with one's life. Socks are good. Socks are useful. Socks are fun to knit. If I want a scarf, I'll buy some bulky and knit one up during the next commercial...I don't need no stinking lace... See how I'm trying to convince myself... is it working???


Anonymous sarasnana said...


4:22 AM  
Anonymous Britoverhere said...

You are hilarious!!!

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