Sunday, September 04, 2005

...But I Am Winding Balls...

I love yarn skeins. I have always avoided hanks because they must be wound. I know, I know, Momma always said you should make your skeins into balls too...but I usually don't. I have fallen in love with the knitpicks yarns alpaca. I want an alpaca, but that's a story for another day. Alas, it comes in hanks. I ordered it anyway knowing that I could count on said Mother to help me wind it into balls. Mom has always been very helpful turning yarn stash into neat balls. Imagine my absolute enthusiasm when Mom asked for a swift and 'wool' winder for her birthday. Dad got her a swift and I got her a wool winder. (Helpful hint...when you call your local yarn shop asking for said gift do not make the same mistake I made, it's called a wool winder my friends, not a ball winder...apparently that has nothing to do with knitting and slightly confuses the nice yarn shop lady.) Last night I went to Mom's, having let the appropriate time pass that you let one enjoy their new present all to themselves, and took my hanks with me. Three darling hanks of 100% baby alpaca in glorious autumnal colors just dying to be Lace Elizabethan scarves. So we settled in for a quick winding and seriptitious gloating on the ingenious tools man has created. Who were we kidding.

Skein One. We place said hank on the problem...we being to wind...round and round and ....uh oh...what's that odd piece wrapping itself around the center pole...we fix it, it does it again..we fix it...ok, problem solved. So, why is the wool winder bobbing so much. Apparently if affixed to a table the size of a hobbits ottoman...weel, there's just not enough arse to it... problem ignored. I spin...finally, sweet reward, a beautiful cake of fine lace weight alpaca...affixed to the wool winder center. won't come off...give me my lace weight I say...NO the wool winder clearly states...hmmm...Mom wrestles it. Two hands, a foot, urgent tugging (the most calm woman in the world, my mother, begins to look a tad...panicked!) alas, sensing a woman on the edge...the yarn releases.

Feeling flush with victory we push onward with skein two, we've learned a couple of the issues, we tie down the odd piece...but why oh WHY is the wool winder flying off the table...we put it back, it flies off...well OK, now we have Dad... a hmmm, a huh, a tweek and the wool winder is on the hobbit table again and ....Dad has decided he'd like to try the winding. So, did you know that you can wind 440 yards of lace weight in 2.9 seconds. We could have powered Texas with the turbine energy Dad created.

Skein hitch. The aforementioned calm woman, did it all herself.

So what have we learned. Mom can still be very helpful when making my yarn into balls... but now we do it with a wool winder in 1/10 the time. We Rock.


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