Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bark = Dog

This was the first year that I attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Wow. It was awesome, for a new knitter like me, overwhelming. I just kept walking and staring. Yarn wise, I did poorly. I ended up with some microfiber that seemed like a good idea at the time, but was impossible to either ball (see last posting...lol) or knit with successfully. I did, however, learn a few important things not the least of which is I want an alpaca. I know, farm animals, a little out of my comfort zone. Heck, I don't even have a fish. I will not be deterred.

There we were, wandering around drooling over thousands..nay millions of artistic fibers and I came eye to eye with Adorable right. They have eyes that beg to come home with you. That swear they will love you. I bought it hook line and sinker. OK, so here's the problem. I live in a suburban community outside Washington, DC which tends to frown on the raising of farm animals. Whatever. Like my alpaca will be more nuissance or threat than some of the vicious dogs I see, than the neighborhood cat that wanders all over our clean cars, than the barker next door...no, he would be a credit to his community...but apparently there is an undercurrent of alpaca prejudice that is patently unfair.

So, my plan is to teach it to bark and sit. Trust me, I've met my neighbors, I'm pretty sure I can pull this off. My husband has a few reservations, but maybe if I let him call it Harley and train it to get the paper he too can be brought onboard. I'm a woman with a plan right??? Glitch number 2. Apparently, they cost about 15K. yea... I know, whoa. Here's the thing, if you get two and mate them, you sell the babies and make your fortune...or at least pay for the 2 you own...lol Granted this may be more difficult to pull off on my 1/3 acre lot...so, here's the new plan....move...all for the love of an alpaca.

For now I'll knit their fur and think happy thoughts, but someday...


Anonymous Debbie said...

What is it with you and Michael and the Alpacas? That commercial they run late at night on cable tv about the www.ilovealpacas.com website was certainly a successful advertising campaign. So, here's the plan...we'll move to wine country, you all can do whatever one does to raise Alpacas, I work for low wages at the library right at lake shore and knit creations of beauty with the yarn of the Alpacas to sell in the town square for hundreds of dollars (ok, maybe $50+) to the tourists that crowd the lake each year and Dale can work at one of the wineries. Hey, we've got to have someone working at one of the wineries...so we can drink ourselves silly when we wonder just what it was about the Alpaca farming thing that made us throw off this lovely cosmopolitan lifestyle we all now live! LOL!!

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