Friday, September 23, 2005

It's the String that Keeps Me Grounded

Now that I have discovered the small double points, I want new projects that use I'm thinking hats. Here's the thing, I'm having a problem finding a pattern that I like that My Grandmother, bless her heart, used to say that my Grandfather had a washtub head. In my youth I wasn't sure what that meant. I have learned in my adulthood that evidently it means ginormous head and lucky me, I GOT IT. I look in the mirror and I don't think, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon, apparently though, I'm dilusional. My head is off the charts... Do I add more stitiches at the cast on? Do I use bigger sticks? Hell, do I dare lay a garment on that honker that may draw attention to it and scare small children??
Apparently Charlie and I lead with our ginormous heads...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Perfect Reality...

I think I love reality TV so much because in general the premise is...people that piss you can vote off your island. Ah the power.....

The good news, Survivor started last night. It looks like it's going to be a good season. The people seem to be kind of cool, the setting is really nice for those of us who like history, and Jeff Probst is still a honey. Can't help it....I think he's a hottie. They brought back Stephenie and Bobby Jon from last season, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Stephenie...she's a fierce competitor with a really good heart...a combination that usually means you don't have a chance in hell of winning a reality show.

The bad news...this week will be the last week of Rock Star: INXS. I'm totally bummed. We are down to the final three Marty, J.D., and Mig...the final three that I picked after week 2. Goooo...Marty! He's got the real rock voice and persona. If you're an Elvis fan you should vote for J.D., he's kind of got that fat Elvis sound. Don't get me wrong, it's a good voice, it's just a little too 'we're caught in a trap'...ok, if you got that, you might be older than...well, any of the contestants. Mig has a nice voice, but it's not's rock on broadway. Nice guy...not a rocker.

The eh news...Big Brother 6 ends this week too. I have lost most of my interest since 'The Friendship' became the predominant force in the they are known on most websites, threads, blogs ...etc... The Coven. It was a group of women who, through ritualistic, brainwashing routed their way through the nice/funny people of the house. These women say things like, "That skanky b*tch is always trash talking someone"...hello... They have been the most negative, whiny, trash talking, unfriendly group of people the Big Brother game has ever seen. It's made it tough to hang in there since Howie left. Gooo Janelle, the last hold out from the normal people!

I haven't even touched on The Amazing Race (usually my favorite, but I'm not sure I'm on board with this years gimmick...families), Biggest Loser, Apprentice, Martha's Apprentice, Battle of the Reality Stars, or any of the the MTV reality series''s a good time to lose yourself in Reality, if your reality is not...reality.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

For Sale, Laceweight, Like New!

Lace scarves are for dorks. Ok, maybe that's not nice, but have YOU tried to make one. Well, fine, maybe you have, and maybe you had more luck than me, well you know what kiss my good for you. I on the other hand have a 3 ball collection of lace weight baby alpaca that will likely remain 3 balls of baby alpaca...a waste admittedly, but one must cut one's losses and move forward with one's life. Socks are good. Socks are useful. Socks are fun to knit. If I want a scarf, I'll buy some bulky and knit one up during the next commercial...I don't need no stinking lace... See how I'm trying to convince myself... is it working???

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Project Squared = ???

These 3 darling little nuggets will soon (soon being subjective) be beautiful lacey scarves. You can almost palm one, and each is 440 yards... These are also the yarns that survived the 'ball winding' adventure previously mentioned. I've decided I can handle more than one project at a long as one is a sock. We'll see, I may seriously be over stating my abilities here. If I take forever to make just one sock, what kind of algebra does it take to figure out how long it takes me to make a scarf and sock at the same time.

So, out in bloggerville I have found the most amusing freaking hilarious website. YouKnitWhat is a site that shows some of the most hideous knitting designs out there. It is dedicated to fun, but if you feel the need to come to bad designers defense, or have tender sensibilites, this is not the site for you. I, however, love it...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hop On Sock

This is dancing sock. Sock meet bloggers. Dancing is made from the fabulous KnitPicks Dancing sock yarn. It was great to work with and wow is it comfy.
I'm so proud as I stand here, on one foot, flamingo style, looking at the masterpierce. Ok, maybe not masterpiece maybe, nope I'm sticking with masterpiece. This is the same pattern as my last pair, however I slightly lengthened the cuff. After I make the sequel Sock2, I believe I'm moving on to a patterened sock. I'm the sockmeister, sockaroni, sockapalooza, sockalockadingdong....ok, I'm sock obsessed.

That being the case, I've decided to try my hand at lacey scarf knitting. I think I'll play around with it tonight....more to follow...for now, you may just bask in the glory that is ....sock.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I May Be Slow But...OK, There's No But

There are millions of blogs. Even thousands of blogs on knitting. It seems everyone wants to knit and has something to say about it. Knitting and sharing seem to go hand in hand! From these fellow knitting bloggers I have learned something very obvious. People who knit and blog...knit a lot. I don't mean look at my sock, it's growing, it's growing...days, weeks..ok, it's been a month. I mean today socks, tomorrow a shawl, hey look I completed an Aran this weekend...what the hell. I know I knit slow. I know I don't dedicate my life to knitting, but I will argue that even if I doubled both my speed and time of devotion to the craft...I couldn't save the eskimo's from sure frozen death, as many of these other knitters could.

I look through magazines both online (see the new knitty link at left, their fall patterns are out) and at the book store and I want to make soooo much. I want to make myself shawls and ponchos and wrist warmers and sweaters. I have printed out gazillions of patterns. I love the yarn, I buy the yarn, I have such wonderful intentions...and apparently I'm only paving my road to hell, because my intentions aren't making sweaters. I feel slightly defeated, oh, I'll go on making my socks, but I feel like a knit world cast off. (No pun intended...) I can't participate in knit alongs... I can't continue to post pictures of updated projects on my blog... I am on the knitting short the slow lane...and as the others fly by in the Porsches, they are mooning me with their fabulous pictures...whatever...

I have to go knit...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bark = Dog

This was the first year that I attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Wow. It was awesome, for a new knitter like me, overwhelming. I just kept walking and staring. Yarn wise, I did poorly. I ended up with some microfiber that seemed like a good idea at the time, but was impossible to either ball (see last or knit with successfully. I did, however, learn a few important things not the least of which is I want an alpaca. I know, farm animals, a little out of my comfort zone. Heck, I don't even have a fish. I will not be deterred.

There we were, wandering around drooling over thousands..nay millions of artistic fibers and I came eye to eye with Adorable right. They have eyes that beg to come home with you. That swear they will love you. I bought it hook line and sinker. OK, so here's the problem. I live in a suburban community outside Washington, DC which tends to frown on the raising of farm animals. Whatever. Like my alpaca will be more nuissance or threat than some of the vicious dogs I see, than the neighborhood cat that wanders all over our clean cars, than the barker next, he would be a credit to his community...but apparently there is an undercurrent of alpaca prejudice that is patently unfair.

So, my plan is to teach it to bark and sit. Trust me, I've met my neighbors, I'm pretty sure I can pull this off. My husband has a few reservations, but maybe if I let him call it Harley and train it to get the paper he too can be brought onboard. I'm a woman with a plan right??? Glitch number 2. Apparently, they cost about 15K. yea... I know, whoa. Here's the thing, if you get two and mate them, you sell the babies and make your fortune...or at least pay for the 2 you Granted this may be more difficult to pull off on my 1/3 acre, here's the new plan....move...all for the love of an alpaca.

For now I'll knit their fur and think happy thoughts, but someday...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

...But I Am Winding Balls...

I love yarn skeins. I have always avoided hanks because they must be wound. I know, I know, Momma always said you should make your skeins into balls too...but I usually don't. I have fallen in love with the knitpicks yarns alpaca. I want an alpaca, but that's a story for another day. Alas, it comes in hanks. I ordered it anyway knowing that I could count on said Mother to help me wind it into balls. Mom has always been very helpful turning yarn stash into neat balls. Imagine my absolute enthusiasm when Mom asked for a swift and 'wool' winder for her birthday. Dad got her a swift and I got her a wool winder. (Helpful hint...when you call your local yarn shop asking for said gift do not make the same mistake I made, it's called a wool winder my friends, not a ball winder...apparently that has nothing to do with knitting and slightly confuses the nice yarn shop lady.) Last night I went to Mom's, having let the appropriate time pass that you let one enjoy their new present all to themselves, and took my hanks with me. Three darling hanks of 100% baby alpaca in glorious autumnal colors just dying to be Lace Elizabethan scarves. So we settled in for a quick winding and seriptitious gloating on the ingenious tools man has created. Who were we kidding.

Skein One. We place said hank on the problem...we being to wind...round and round and ....uh oh...what's that odd piece wrapping itself around the center pole...we fix it, it does it again..we fix it...ok, problem solved. So, why is the wool winder bobbing so much. Apparently if affixed to a table the size of a hobbits ottoman...weel, there's just not enough arse to it... problem ignored. I spin...finally, sweet reward, a beautiful cake of fine lace weight alpaca...affixed to the wool winder center. won't come off...give me my lace weight I say...NO the wool winder clearly states...hmmm...Mom wrestles it. Two hands, a foot, urgent tugging (the most calm woman in the world, my mother, begins to look a tad...panicked!) alas, sensing a woman on the edge...the yarn releases.

Feeling flush with victory we push onward with skein two, we've learned a couple of the issues, we tie down the odd piece...but why oh WHY is the wool winder flying off the table...we put it back, it flies off...well OK, now we have Dad... a hmmm, a huh, a tweek and the wool winder is on the hobbit table again and ....Dad has decided he'd like to try the winding. So, did you know that you can wind 440 yards of lace weight in 2.9 seconds. We could have powered Texas with the turbine energy Dad created.

Skein hitch. The aforementioned calm woman, did it all herself.

So what have we learned. Mom can still be very helpful when making my yarn into balls... but now we do it with a wool winder in 1/10 the time. We Rock.