Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sox In the City

Behold the Sox.
I feel an unusual sense of accomplishment. I know to a better knitter they are just socks. To me...I have reached the summit of Everest...for so many reasons.
1. It's a pair. Not one sock that sadly lived a life of solitude do to my, lets say short attention span...a pair people.
2. They are good. I do not mean this to be bragging I simply mean..Holy cow, these things are actually good enough to wear.
3. They fit my foot. I list this as an accomplishment because I had to change the pattern. CHANGE THE PATTERN and it worked, they fit...I'm like freakin' Donna Karan here people.

This is my first real sense of knitting accomplishment. I have made many many dishcloths, a tote or two, heck I even felted one...but this is my first, and I know this word is a stretch...garment!

I am going to go now...and stare at the socks some more...on my feet...


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Anonymous Melissa said...

Hello, I also just started to knit socks on July 22,2005 and I am already addicted. I am a lurker of the Ample-Knitters forum,but saw your blog addie and just LOVE your socks. You are the next Donna Karan to have changed the pattern and they came out that perfect. And it gave me an idea to do my next socks like yours. Keep up the great inspirational work. I have even bought the sock yarn for my very next pair.LOL Melissa

11:23 AM  

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