Friday, August 12, 2005

Some Like it Hot and Some Sweat When the Heat is On

It's hot. I don't mean (use your best southern accent here) "oh, dahlin' it's wahm out theya"...I mean..."I'M MELLLLTING, I'M MELLLLTING..." Not because someone threw a bucket of water on me, heck, I wish someone would throw a bucket of water on me. The wicked witch was probably just suffering peri-menopause in the heat of the summer, it had nothing to do with the bucket of water....her evaporation was inevitable.

Please reference this post in February when I'm saying..."oh NO my toes are frozen and I can't get my fingers warm enough to knit, I wish it were summer." Remind me...Kathryn you hate summer. No, I seldom need that reminder, I long for the snowy days. See photo below. That is my Nirvana. Stuck in, making a nice pot of soup, knitting, just watching it snow. I always wondered what people who look forward to summer look forward to. I suppose they are the types that love laying by the pool/beach/hose slathered in Coppertone reading a good 'beach book'. Yea, I don't identify with those people. I don't tan. My white Irish skin goes from milk white to apple red in 2.6 seconds (if only that were an exaggeration)...over and over again. I'm white, I'm red, I peel, I'm white, I'm red, I peel, we can play this game as long as there is summer...there is never tan. Issue two, um, where there is tanning, it is hot. For me to join in the summer heat, there must be an ocean breeze, the sound of waves crashing, a huge umbrella on a hotel deck and the type of drink that demands a sword full of cherries. A little eye candy delivering the drinks...also ok by me.

So, as I sit here knitting, I will let the hum of several air conditioners and fans drift me off into the dreamworld that is fall and winter, come with me if you'd like, but bring a scarf!


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