Monday, August 08, 2005

Is There a 12 Step Program for Socks???

Apparently, sock yarn should come with a warning:
Warning, this product is addictive.

Saturday I attempted to jump into a sweater. Lovely yarn, lovely pattern, lovely intentions....right up until I remembered the Knitpicks Dancing sock yarn I had in the cupboard. Mmmmm...more socks. My mind started to wander, my hands started to shake, a fine bead of sweat formed on my brow. I called my mother for reinforcement. "You can always work on the sweater when it's cooler, make more socks now."

I'm making socks, Mom said it's o.k.....I believe the word you're looking for is The Dancing is a delicious feeling fiber that stretches just a tad. Should be good and comfy. I have two different Dancing colorways in my stash not to mention a beautiful striping yarn in Vineyard of theirs also. I may never leave sockland. Thus the warning for the label. Do not start socks unless you are prepared to make .....socks...only socks... For those of you that saw Anchorman, socks socks socks...I love socks. (Ok, obscure reference)


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