Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina....No Relation

The tragedy that is unfolding in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama is a national crisis. The story continues to become more heartbreaking by the hour and the human suffering is overwhelming. We should all give to the Red Cross or other reputable charities. Tonight on your local NBC station from 7-8 they are having a 'telethon'...lets check it out! I'll keep those touched by this tragedy in my thoughts and prayers.

All that said I have a few questions as a knitter, crafter and woman. When the time comes and you, for safety reasons, have to evacuate your home what do you take?

1. Do you pack your yarn stash? I would think so, to while away the hours in a shelter. But I can't help but be haunted by the thought of all that stash...left behind...ruined.

2. I suppose you leave all your crafting stuff behind. Oh, soaked card stock. Say it isn't soooo....

3. Clearly you're only packing one purse...which one...and how do you break it to the others?

4. What do you do with your baskets? Those of you not addicted to Longaberger may not understand this question, but I assure's a valid one. Do you use as many as you can to pack stuff in your car? Do you scurry up and hide them in the attic? Do you put the little ones in ziplocs so they'll float and maybe be saved?

5. How many books do you take? Clearly you'll need entertainment. So you ask yourself, which books would I choose to re-read? Again, do you put your other favorites in ziplocs...and hope.

6. Shoes...see #3.

This may all seem frivolous but I feel I'd go through real emotions in dealing with these questions. You know to pack your wedding and baby pictures, Grandma's wedding band and Grandad's baseball mitt, but what about your favorite daily living items.

I have learned one thing. I need more ziploc bags, and I need much bigger ones!

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