Friday, August 05, 2005

Day One - Fingers Crossed - Difficult to knit...

There is a bandwagon. I've seen it several times as it's flown by...full of merry makers sharing, laughing, having a good time. I felt left out. I have something to say...I think. I have knitting to show...kind of. So as it rattled by this time, the bandwagon that is, I jumped on. Welcome to my blog. I am new at blogging and not much more experienced at knitting. I however, am not new at talking to much...alas, the blog.

The name - Knititude. For those who don't know me. Well, attitude, be it good or bad...I've been accused of having it. Why is it that it always seems to have a negative connotation? I personally see it as a sign of life.

at·ti·tude n.
A manner of acting.
A relatively stable and enduring predisposition to behave or react in a characteristic way.

Do I have an enduring predisposition to behave in a characteristic way, yea, what of it, I mean, yes, I suppose I might. I love my family dearly and hold my friends close to my heart. I believe despite no one saying life is fair, that we should strive in our own behavior to seek fairness, equity... I think common sense is more valuable than most other character traits. AND I believe that while reality tv shows may not really be reality, in my world they are and they are immensely entertaining. Lets call them my guilty pleasure. OK, that last one isn't really about my attitude, but I felt it was important that you should know this about

So I will knit with attitude. Blog with attitude. This is not bad attitude simply more umph than apathy, more huahh than huh... welcome!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is SO you! I can even hear your voice as I read this! Gift of the gab, with attitude - nice!

P.S Where are my sox???

---Your favourite Brit. (I had better be!)

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your socks and you should be proud of them. I learned to knit socks off the internet and have made 12 pairs. I love all my socks and they are so comfortable compared to purchased ones. Love wearing them with my clogs for fall and winter. Funny thing is I have the very color of your. I knit longer cuffs though. Keep knittin'

10:43 AM  

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